Sewing A Quick Shrug

Quick Shrug

Does every office have one group of co-workers that always seem to be cold? Then another group that always seem to be hot? Have you seen those poncho-gone-wrong blankets with sleeves?! Snuggies?! I really don’t want to see that at work. It’s surprisingly easy to make a shrug. You can complete the project in one … Read more

How to Build Your Own Square Foot Gardening Box

Square Foot Gardening Box

Spring is her! We have seeds started, we’ve got our gardening gear ready, and we’ve got big plans this year. We a variation of Square Foot Gardening. Even though I’m not a fan of measuring and calculating, I like knowing that our raised garden beds are maximizing their space.   Making Your Own SFG Box Plans … Read more

Winter Gear Organizer

Closet Organization

If your family is like mine, winter comes and I am suddenly stuck with a pile of gloves, hats, and scarves that don’t really have a home during the winter months. I’ve tried baskets and any other number of ways to collect them.  The problem is, the clothes usually come into the house wet so … Read more