How to Build Your Own Square Foot Gardening Box

Square Foot Gardening Box

Spring is her! We have seeds started, we’ve got our gardening gear ready, and we’ve got big plans this year. We a variation of Square Foot Gardening. Even though I’m not a fan of measuring and calculating, I like knowing that our raised garden beds are maximizing their space.   Making Your Own SFG Box Plans … Read more

The Tooth of the Lion


If you want to start learning herbal medicine, look no further than your front yard.  Perhaps you have “been at war with the weeds” and every year expressed frustration and anger at the relentless, sunshine-y flowers and toothy leaves of the much ill-scorned dandelion.   It is interesting that dandelion can evoke anger. I’ve watch … Read more

Fabulous Bonsai Herbs

Bonsai Herbs

Looking for a fun, new hobby? How about bonsai herbs? The art of growing miniature tree-like plants in small pots is known as bonsai, an ancient art originated from China centuries ago. Today, this art has gained popularity worldwide. Having a highly inquisitive and creative mind, I set out the task of attempting to grow … Read more