Sewing A Quick Shrug

Does every office have one group of co-workers that always seem to be cold? Then another group that always seem to be hot?

Have you seen those poncho-gone-wrong blankets with sleeves?! Snuggies?! I really don’t want to see that at work.

It’s surprisingly easy to make a shrug. You can complete the project in one evening.

First, measure your cold co-worker:

  • Wrist to wrist
  • The base of The neck to the top of her waistband
  • Around the wrist

Here’s what you need for this Quick Shrug:

  • Fleece – I used 24 inches, it will be the meaurement from neck to waist plus 2 inches
  • 28 inches of Ribbon
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Chalk
  • Yard Stick or Long Straight Edge
  • Measuring Tape

My fleece was 60 inches wide. (30 inches folded in half).

All I did was measure 24 inches across and make sure both sides were cut nice and straight.

I used chalk and a yard stick to mark the fleece. The cut piece of fabric was 24 inches by 60 inches.

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Sew a one inch hem along the sides that measure 60 inches. Then sew a 2 inch casing on the shorter sides.

Your ribbon will need to be cut into two 14 inch pieces. Finish the ends of the ribbon. (I use a pink lighter.) Thread the ribbon through the 2 inch casing on each side.

I like to use a diaper pin to help thread the ribbon.

I used tone on tone polka dot ribbon. What is it about polka dots?

They’re just so happy! I tied the ribbons on each sleeve, but left them pretty loose in hopes Mel would be comfy.

The ribbon could be swapped for elastic. If you use elastic, use the wrist measurement plus one inch.

That’s it for the shrug tutorial. I hope you can see it is easy to customize the pattern to any size.

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