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Here's a recipe to kick off that quinoa introduction, or a new take for those of you that are quinoa experts. And it's got some great cheese flavor, thus making a cheese cracker your kids can enjoy while they get some great minerals and protein in return. It's also fun, quick, and easy to make. Enjoy!

Cheesy quinoa crackers

There’s something about cheez-its that is so darn good.  All that orangey cheese flavor, the crispy crunch, visible salt crystals on the surface.  These crackers have been a standby for parents everywhere. We’ve discussed in the past how to make your own cheesy crackers, but this recipe for Havarti Quinoa Crackers takes that to a whole… 

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Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Every winter, when we see the stalks of fresh sprouts start appearing in the grocery stores, we start getting excited! Now I know why they’re a classic British holiday side. They can be so yummy!! Even my boys like them! And bacon makes everything awesome, doesn’t it? Salty bacon, sweet caramelized onions, roasty toasty sprouts…… 

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This cake is perfect however way you choose to eat it. It can be enjoyed as a dessert, coffee cake or simply as an afternoon snack. You could even have it for breakfast. I mean a cake loaded with apples is healthy, right?

Apple Walnut Cake with Brown Butter Glaze

This Apple and Walnut cake, fully loaded with crunchy apple and walnut chunks, is perfect as a dessert, coffee cake, afternoon snack or even as a sweet breakfast! My oh my. Where does one start with describing this cake? I could start off by saying that this cake is full of apple and walnut chunks,… 

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In my family, this mac and cheese recipe has been around for a long, long time. And only once you’ve tried it will you find out why it’s so popular! It’s very rich, creamy and flavorsome. And it’s got bacon. Because bacon. Om nom nom.

Bacon macaroni and cheese

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hormel Foods for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Happy National Family Meals Month, y’all! September is here and as the weather cools, it’s time to shift our attention to creamy, satisfying comfort foods. Even though the weather has become less favorable for one… 

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Chef-inspired salad

After spending so much time sharing with y’all my struggles of parenting, I’m really, really excited to finally sit down and write this post. I’ve been really struggling lately. I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with housework, my weight has been out of control, my eating atrocious, my kids restless, I’ve been behind… 

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Mostly Homemade Mondays – Week 151

Happy Monday everyone!  It’s been a cold A little bit of a bummer because all of our weekend plans had to be cancelled, but great weather for snuggling up on the couch with a bowl of soup and a movie on. This weekend I mastered a few new crockpot recipes– just to warn y’all, you… 

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Think layers of crispy, buttery puff pastry and firm and tart apple slices neatly arranged upon said puff pastry. Add cinnamon and sugar and voila – life complete.

Easy caramel apple tart

Guys. You’re only four ingredients and fifteen minutes away on what could be the easiest, crunchiest Caramel Apple Tart of all time. Okay, fine. Maybe it’s not the crunchiest caramel apple tart of all time, but you get my point, do you not? Think layers of crispy, buttery puff pastry and firm and tart apple… 

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