Can You Freeze Dry Potatoes?

Potatoes are a great option to be freeze dried. Mashed potatoes are a particularly good option as they rehydrate well and can be served rehydrated and heated with little difference from freshly mashed potatoes.

How Long Does it Take to Freeze Dry Potatoes?

Potatoes will generally need a full freeze drying cycle of about 30-40 hours to complete. Mashed or sliced, the entire process will take about the same amount of time.


Do You Have to Blanch Potatoes Before Freeze Drying?

It’s best to blanche potatoes before freeze drying. You’ll want to first cut the potatoes in small squares or thin slices for best results. Blanche for about 10 minutes and spread the potatoes evenly in 1 layer on the freeze dryer trays and you’ll have great results.

What’s the Best Way to Freeze Dry Potatoes?

The best method for freeze drying potatoes is to cook and mash the potatoes first, then spread them evenly on your freeze dryer trays, then run them through a regular, non-liquid freeze dry cycle. Freeze dried mashed potatoes rehydrate easily with hot water and are indistinguishable from fresh mashed potatoes.

If you don’t like mashed potatoes, the next best option is to skin and slice your potatoes into cubes or thin slices, blanch them for about 10 minutes, then run them through a regular, non-liquid freeze dry cycle. Again, re-hydrate with hot water and feel free to cook them to desired tenderness after rehydrating.

How Long Do Freeze Dried Potatoes Last?

Like other properly stored freeze dried foods, freeze dried potatoes of any form will last 25 or more years. Proper storage is in a sealed, airtight container away from light (or in a light blocking container like Mylar) and in a cool place like your basement.

Can You Freeze Dry Cubed Potatoes?

Cubed potatoes are our second favorite option for freeze drying potatoes (mashed is our favorite). The keys to perfect freeze dried cubed potatoes are removing the skin, placing them on a single layer on the freeze dryer trays, and blanching them for 10 minutes before you put them in the freeze dryer for the cycle.

Can You Freeze Dry French Fries or Hash Browns?

While it might be technically possible to freeze dry French fries (or hash browns), they likely will not turn out with the proper eating texture in the end. Mashed, sliced, and cubed potatoes re-hydrate well because all 3 types of potatoes are normal to be moist, in fact, it’s preferred. In the case of French fries or hash browns, the re-hydration process adds too much water to products that taste better when crispy and crunchy and will end up too soggy to really enjoy.

How Did the Incas Freeze Dry Potatoes?

The Incas were the first people in recorded history to freeze dry anything. The Inca’s freeze drying process consisted of 3 steps:

  1. They’d leave the potatoes out overnight on a bed of straw covered in cloth
  2. The next day (if it was cold enough the night before), they would stomp on the potatoes to smash out the moisture.
  3. They’d leave the potatoes out in the sun the next dry for more moisture removal.
  4. They’d repeat steps 1-3 until the potatoes were sufficiently dry.

The Incas referred to the resulting dried potatoes as chuño. This simple and free method of freeze drying can be and still is practiced at home today. Potatoes that are freeze dried in this manner can last for 10 years if stored in a cool, dry place away from light and moisture.


Potatoes are a great option for your freeze dried food arsenal. They keep well and are easy to rehydrate. We especially like freeze dried mashed potatoes as they rehydrate particularly well and are very versatile as anything from a standalone side dish to the base of a last minute casserole like shepherd’s pie.

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