Can You Freeze Dry Oreos?

Oreos can be freeze dried but don’t rehydrate very well (think about how quickly an Oreo gets soggy when it’s dipped in milk). Regardless, a freeze dried Oreo makes a great treat and it’s fun to see how big it expands! If you really want to have some long term storage fun, combine your freeze dried Oreos with some rehydrated freeze dried milk!


What happens when you freeze Oreos?

Oreos freeze well and freezing them is a great method of preservation. A frozen Oreo will maintain it’s shape, thaw nicely, and will stay fresh for a long time. If frozen in the original package however, there is enough air that would allow for some freezer burn after an extended period of time.

Can you freeze dry cookies?

Pretty much any cookie, Oreos especially, are a ton of fun to freeze dry. Freeze dried cookies will expand, get crunchy, and maintain a great flavor. Across the board, you’ll want to avoid rehydrating them. Rehydrated cookies will end up as a soggy mess.

How long do freeze dried cookies last?

Freeze dried cookies can last like any other food up to 25 years or more. Just remember, for maximum life, you’ll want to store them in an airtight, light proof container and keep them in a cool dry place. As always, Mylar bags with a 300cc or more oxygen scavenger are the best way to store freeze dried cookies for maximum shelf life.


Freeze dried Oreos are a ton of fun. They make for a fun snack (if eaten dry) and they last forever if stored properly. If you really want to surprise an Oreo (or other cookie lover), be sure to freeze dry a pack of Oreos and share them with someone!

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