Can You Freeze Dry Cooked Rice?

Though there may not be a great situation for freeze drying cooked rice, there’s really no better food that can be freeze dried after cooking. Freeze drying cooked rice will basically take it back to it’s original uncooked state and allow for long term storage.

Can Rice Be Freeze Dried?

Rice can be freeze dried. Dry, uncooked rice will not freeze dry since it comes completely dried and ready for rehydration.

On the other hand, cooked rice (in boiling water) can be freeze dried. There aren’t a lot of situations where freeze drying cooked rice makes sense other than maybe wanting to cook a pre-flavored rice or a rice casserole dish ahead of time in bulk to be rationed, freeze dried, and stored.

White rice and brown rice make no difference. White and brown rice that have been boiled and cooked can both be effectively freeze dried and put back into long term storage.

How Long Does Freeze Dried Rice Last?

Like any other freeze dried foods, freeze dried rice will last 25 or more years if stored properly. Proper storage includes the 3 following rules:

  1. Keep the rice away from light (we like to store it and all other freeze dried food in sealed Mylar bags)
  2. Store the freeze dried rice in a cool, dry place (basements are good or a closet if you don’t have a basement).
  3. Keep oxygen out of the package (we like to use 300cc oxygen scavengers). Make sure no matter the container you use that you verify it is tightly sealed before you add the oxygen scavenger.

Following these 3 rules for storage will ensure that you get the maximum amount of shelf life for your rice.

What Makes Freeze Dried Food Go Bad?

The 3 main culprits of spoiled freeze dried foods are light, oxygen, and moisture. Light exposure will manifest differently than the oxygen and water exposure.

  1. If your freeze dried food is exposed to light (specifically UV light like sunlight), the nutrient content will be destroyed over time. Flavor and color will likely change for the worse as well the longer the food is exposed to UV light.
  2. Oxygen exposure will allow for the growth of mold or bacteria on the food and it will spoil. This is why we strongly recommend large oxygen scavengers and checking and rechecking the seal of your food container to keep both moisture and oxygen out of the food container.
  3. Moisture by itself is nearly impossible to avoid. There will always be some humidity that makes it into the container. As long as you try to seal your food in a humidity controlled environment and remove all oxygen from your container, the freeze dried food will have maximal shelf life.


Cooked rice, by itself, isn’t a great choice of a food to be freeze dried. Because of the nature of rice, it’s a great option for further processing before freeze drying it. Freeze dried flavored rice, rice casserole, or something similar can make for a great freeze dried food because it’s easy to ration, freeze dries easily, and rehydrates very well.

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