Can You Freeze Dry Coke?

Can Coca Cola Freeze?

The freezing temperature for Coca Cola (Coke) depends on its sugar content, but averages 30° Fahrenheit (about -1° Celsius) so, yes, Coca Cola can freeze just like any other normal liquid with a freezing point below 32°F (0°C).

Since Coke does not freeze at the same temperature as water, it will take a bit longer for the drink to freeze when compared to water.

How Long Does it Take Coke to Freeze?

Generally speaking, it will take approximately 3 hours for a 12-ounce can or bottle of Coke to freeze in a typical home freezer set at 0°F (−18°C). If the freezer is set to a higher temperature, it will take longer for Coke to freeze.

The exact amount of time it takes for Coke to freeze can vary depending on the temperature of the surrounding environment, the volume of Coke you’re trying to freeze, the amount of carbon dioxide remaining, and the amount of sugar.

Does Freezing Coke Make it Go Flat?

When Coca Cola is frozen, it does not lose its carbonation in a sealed container. However, crystallization of the water molecules forces the carbon dioxide (carbonation) out of solution and the carbon dioxide cannot return to solution after thawing, so the coke will immediately be flat when the lid is removed and the carbon dioxide escapes.

Does Coke Taste the Same After Being Frozen?

Coca Cola will generally taste the same after being frozen but it will be flat due to the escape of the carbonation from the solution as described above.

The freezing process does not alter the ingredients of Coca Cola but the texture of a thawed drink may slightly different because Coca Cola’s ingredients like sugar and carbon dioxide will separate from the solution when frozen.

Why Shouldn’t You Freeze Coke?

The primary reason to avoid freezing Coke is that the volume of the frozen liquid will likely become greater than the volume the container can hold and it will crack, break, or explode the container.

In addition, as described above, the ingredients like sugar and carbon dioxide will separate from the solution and the frozen and thawed Coke will likely taste different (not as good) and will be flat.

What Happens to Coke When it’s Freeze Dried?

When coke is freeze dried, the only thing to remain after the process has completed is whatever was in solution originally. This remaining residue is usually a crusted mix of sugar, corn syrup, and artificial flavor.

Coke just isn’t a great option to freeze dry considering that this residue is usually strongly bitter or overly sweet and there is very little that will be crusted on the bottom of the freeze dry pan.


Coca cola can be freeze dried but it’s mostly a waste of time and electricity. There won’t be any powder remaining after the freeze drying process has completed, mostly just crusted sugar and sweetener that won’t taste good. What’s more, even if you can get the crusted remainder back into solution, it will be flat. Coca-Cold is a definite no on the list of things that you should consider freeze drying and there are other liquids that can be freeze dried with better, more practical results.

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