Working on those holiday pounds

The sooner you begin to work on these holiday pounds, the less permanent they will be. Rather than commit to going to the gym every day (which you probably won’t do in reality. Did you know that 67% of people who have gym memberships never use them? January is when most people join gyms, yet by June, 20% stop going.), commit to something that works within your lifestyle.
What are you doing now (sitting and reading at the computer, eh?) and how can you add a little fitness? If you’ve ever worked out, you might know the concept of sets and reps. Reps are repetitions – usually it’s good to do 10-12 repetitions of a movement. Each group of repetitions is called a set. You might consider doing 3 sets. Take a small break in between each set. So, for example, you might do 10 biceps curls with that can of beans or a light weight. Then rest. Then do another 10. Rest and do another 10. Now you’ve done three sets of 10 reps each. A friend of mine uses his rest periods to prepare dinner. A set, then chopping veggies for a few minutes. Another set, then chopping veggies. By the time he’s done 3 sets, he’s had a workout and dinner is nearly ready. Do this with three exercises and not only have you prepared dinner and gotten exercise – you’ve actually worked up an appetite!
What can you work into your life? If you set aside two hours to read email, how about taking a 5 min break every 15 minutes and walking a flight of stairs up and down? How about a few yoga chair poses? What about some fire breaths (search the Internet for kundalini breath of fire if you don’t know that one!)

Again, a few small changes are usually more effective and sustainable than one big change.

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