White Tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes, in the middle of February? If you simply can’t wait until spring for these guys then I understand cheating every once in a while and grabbing some off of the shelf at the supermarket. There is one small problem with that logic in our household, though. My baby won’t eat cherry tomatoes unless they are fresh. I mean, for real fresh, not grown in a greenhouse, picked before their time, transported to a store, then left sitting on the shelf.  I attribute it to more sensitive taste buds, but she knows the difference.

When we visited our local nursery, White’s Greenhouse, to have a sample of their off-the-vine indoor grown tomatoes, I didn’t have high expectations that Cocobaby would comply, but she loved them. She didn’t eat them as ravenously as she does when we grow them ourselves, but she did enjoy much more than what we buy at the store.

Since fresh tomatoes in February are few and far between I don’t recommend fancying them up with a complex recipe. Enjoy them simply and naturally.

Or, if you’re like me and can’t resist a simple, easy, crusty, delicious bread, then pair these tomatoes with some balsamic vinegar and fresh scallions (because my basil has been dead for a few months now) atop a thick slice of no knead bread.

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