A sneak peek into the Nourished Kitchen

the Nourished Kitchen virtual dinner party

I have a weakness for books.

The feel of the pages against my fingertips, those bold and beautiful pictures.

My cookbooks carry more than simply recipes. They have memories and character, scribbles and handwritten notes. My cookbooks are worn and dirty, dog eared and covered in the remnants of meals gone by.

A good book does more than share a recipe.  It excites you with all of the possibilities of all the new ideas or challenges you to try something new. The Nourished Kitchen is one of those books that you want to sit in a big comfy chair and flip through, dreaming about homemade cheese and sourdough bread and dinner straight from the garden (or the fields or the wild).

The Nourished Kitchen

I was able to get my hands on an advanced copy of the Nourished Kitchen cookbook. You may already be familiar with the popular website of the same name? If so you’ll know that Jenny shares nourishing, whole foods recipes accompanied by warm stories and beautiful photography.

Curious about cultured foods and ferments? Wild meat and fresh fish? Foraging or cultivating herbs from your garden? She’s got your back.

Want a glimpse into some of the recipes that you can expect to find? Check out two of them here: Little Sourdough Dumplings with Venison + Nourishing Bone Broth

Little Sourdough Dumplings with Venison + Nourishing Bone Broth

Join the Party!

The Nourished Kitchen Virtual Dinner Party!

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