Theres a tea for you: Part I


It’s not uncommon for me to hear new customers say, “I’m really not that into tea,” or even better: “Oh I’m a coffee person!”  I can’t help but ask: Why?  Why does the world of tea suggest a need to limit our potential when it comes to go-to beverages?

We don’t wear one brand of shoes and say “I’m a Birkenstock person” or go to grocers and say “Oh, I’m a banana person” while totally abstaining from all other types of shoes or foods. Why do we create such a fortress around our choice in beverage consumption?

To say I’m not into tea is like saying, I’m not into vegetables.  The realm of tea is so vast and diverse, that I can almost guarantee there’s a tea for YOU.  Over the next three days, we will explore the world of tea and through a series of questions, we’ll figure out where best to begin your journey into the trippy, fun, and engaging parallel of tea.  Today’s question for Part I of the segment:

What is the first beverage you reach for when you start your day?

A) Coffee

B) Fruit Juice

C) Water

If you’re a ‘coffee’ person, try venturing into the world of chai.  These spiced caffeinated herbal blends tend to provide levels of energy comparable to coffee, offer a deep, rich ‘woodsy’ flavor, and are traditionally served with cream or milk.  Try swapping your morning french vanilla joe for a vanilla chai, or in the fall, pumpkin chai.  You may be surprised to have found your new go-to beverage; or at least a once- and- again alternative of variety to ‘spice’ up your morning life.

If you answered ‘B’ to the question, try green or white tea with dried fruit blended into the mix.   Dehydrated fruit will provide that added zest (for mornings, try a blend of green tea with citrus zest or a berry- flavored tea.  You’ll get the zing of fruit you’re so accustomed to and the added benefits of the antioxidants found naturally in the tea.  Avoid sugary, corn syrup and preservative- laden fruit juices, as they pack a punch with every overly- sweet sip.  Not only are you getting the artificial flavoring lab-developed to trick your brain into thinking you’re consuming fruit, but most of the nutrition found in the minimal amounts of actual fruit in commercial juices has been Pasteurized or cooked out of the juice.  If you need a sweet release to get your day started, try adding a locally-sourced honey or raw stevia leaves, crushed in a mortar and pestle.

If you are a water drinker: great! Try making simple water infusions with some of the following herbs and spices:

  • lavender flower
  • dried citrus
  • clove
  • elderberry
  • lemongrass
  • dried ginger
  • cardamom pods

The aroma of your choice product can boost your mood naturally, while providing a pleasant subtle flavor to your water!  Great for a summer refresher!

I would love to know where many of you stand when it comes to tea.  What questions do you have? Where did you begin YOUR tea journey?  If not, what is stopping you?  Namaste.


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