Snuggly hat tutorial

Are you looking for a snuggly hat for your wee ones?  Do you have an old sweater laying around? Here’s an idea that worked for us.  Maybe you’ll like it, too!

The Christmas Hat that matches Chubby Fashionista’s Christmas Cape is adorable!

Here’s where the story begins.

This boucle’ sweater is a couple of years old. Chubby Fashionista’s Cape was made with the fabric from the body of this sweater. A matching hat was a MUST! Accessories are always a MUST! *wink!*

Using a pattern from this book:

(‘Love this book!  ‘Got mine from Crafter’s Choice.)  and one sleeve from the sweater, I made a darling hat for our gorgeous little girl! Trace and cut the pattern from the book. Lay it on the sweater sleeve.  Carefully cut the sleeve.

Flip the pattern to the other side of the sleeve and continue cutting.  It kind of looks like mountains and valleys along the top.

Sew each of the four “valleys” toward the center of the hat. The top of the hat will look like a cross.

Can you believe it?! You are finished with the hat. Turn it right side out and embellish!

Using ribbon instead of fabric, I made a Chubby Fashionista Rose Accessory . It’s the same idea as using fabric. Sew along the edge of the ribbon with the longest straight stitch on your sewing machine. Tie off one end of the seam. Gently tug on the bobbin thread at the other end of the ribbon. This will gather the ribbon. From there, follow the directions for the Chubby Fashionista Rose Accessory just like you would for the gathered fabric.

Attach the Rose Accessory it to the Christmas Hat. Sometimes Chubby Fashionista is cooperative with modeling. Other times, not so much! This Teddy Bear makes a greart stand in when we need to get angles from different sides.

Adorable! Absolutely adorable!

You can see the original hat idea on the teddy bear, but it was a little too big for our sweet girl. We had to flip it up about one inch for Chubby Fashionista. I like it that way, though. It makes me think of Paddington Bear! It’s nice that there is plenty of sweater to cover her precious little ears.

OK. OK. Here’s the real super model!

Chubby Fashionista loves her snuggly hat and sweater cape . Isn’t she beautiful!?

Go grab an old sweater and sew you for your lil sweetheart!

Happy sewing!  😉  -Marci

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