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Four years ago, when I was pregnant with my first son, I received a gift certificate to a local body spa for one of those fancy-shmancy maternity massages.  It did the body good! When the massage was over, I wept and put my sweat pants back on. But on the way out the door, the lady at the front desk yelled that I had more money on my gift card.  With $15 to spend, I saw I could only afford this hair wrap thing called a Tassi.  Meh, it’s practically free so I’ll take it.  I’ll give it so my sister as a part of her Christmas gift.  

But when I got home, I forgot about the gift of giving and tried it out for myself.  Loved it.  Yeah, it’s the little things in life…like a piece of cloth that stretches around my head and keeps my hair out of my face.  Every morning and night I use it.  My favorite thing about the Tassi? While washing my face or applying my makeup I can tuck my hair in the back of the loose head wrap, and when I’m finished my hair has not been flattened or creased.  Game changer!

So, I wanted to show you how to make your own head wrap! It takes very little time and very little sewing skills.


I began with an old sweater my husband no longer wears.  It was a tall/medium.  So anything this size or larger than this would be ideal for this project.


From the shoulder sleeve seam, cut off the arms of the sweater. So you now have two long sleeves to work with.


With a 3/4 inch seam allowance, sew down the sides of the sleeves to insert elastic.  Then with right sides facing, sew the two sleeve cuffs together, making sure not to sew through the 3/4 inch seam that the elastic will run through.

Repeat this step with the wider shoulder sleeve end. Now you have made a loop with your sleeves.

 Insert 1/4 to 1/2 inch elastic. (I usually double the length of elastic to the length of the actual head wrap.)   I do this by attaching a safety pin to the end of the elastic so I can easily run it through.

Now, go back and sew over the opening in which you inserted the elastic. Mmmkay? Mmmkay!The finished product should look like this–the wider part holding your hair in the back and then smaller part of head wrap is towards the front.  As you can see, I added a bow.  I made fun of myself at first for putting a bow on it, but I ended up really liking it.  I felt girly.


For the bow, take two fabric squares and with right sides facing, sew around the edges leaving a slight opening for you to turn the square right side out.  Clip the corners, turn it and then whipstitch the opening closed.  Press with iron.

Then do an accordion fold and press. Place a few stitches in the middle to tack it together.  From here take a strip of matching fabric, fold under the sides and press–then wrap the strip around the center of bow and tie into a small know.  Don’t make it bulky.  And lastly, handstitch the bow onto your head wrap!Place around your neck making sure your hair is back
Pull headwrap over your hair but keeping it below your hairline. Tuck all of you hair inside the back and then do whatchya gotta do!!

This will take you no time at all, and it will be your “go-to” accessory for getting ready.

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