How to make Oil of Oregano

Making your own oil of oregano is really easy and incredibly cheap!

Since school is back in session, I have noticed sickness is spreading about.  This time of year Josh comes down with some kind of virus and well then that means I will too.  Now with that in mind its time to put my herbs to use.  First on my list is Oregano.  Making oil of oregano can be very beneficial.   Since it is such a powerful medicinal herb it is almost essential to have in my medicine cabinet.


  1. Oregano is a natural anti-inflammatory.
  2. Oregano is a natural pain-killer.
  3. Great topical ointment for arthritis, carpel tunnel, bursitis and sore muscles.
  4. Since it’s a natural pain-killer, it’s great for migraines and sinus headaches.
  5. Breathing  in the oil scent will help alleviate nasal congestion.
  6. Extracts toxins from the body therefore neutralizing insect stings and bug bites.
  7. Oregano can be used as a treatment for typical burns.  Apply oil lightly to get instant pain relief and so blisters will not form.
  8. Placing oil of oregano around the outside of the ear canal (do not place oil inside directly) will help fight off ear infections.
  9. Rubbing diluted oil of oregano on a sore tooth will help alleviate pain.
  10. Taken internally oil of oregano will help weaken viruses.
  11. Kills fungi and bacteria.
  12. Powerful remedy for ache once applied on the skin.


The ratio for making oil of oregano is 1:1. Pretty simple.  Since I only had enough of oregano to make up 1/2 cup that is what I used.  1/2 cup oil and 1/2 cup oregano leaves that have been rinsed, dried and chopped or crushed.  The fresh oregano must be completely dry of  excess water, otherwise you risk the growth of mold or cause the oil to go rancid.

Making your own oil of oregano is really easy and incredibly cheap!Making your own oil of oregano is really easy and incredibly cheap!Making your own oil of oregano is really easy and incredibly cheap!Making your own oil of oregano is really easy and incredibly cheap!Making your own oil of oregano is really easy and incredibly cheap!

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Oil of Oregano Made at Home
  1. I boiled some water in sauce pan. Once that was at rolling boil I turned off the heat.
  2. Then placed the oil and chopped oregano leaves in the sanitized jar.
  3. Place the jar into the hot water and let it sit for about 5-10 min. This allows the oil to heat up and helps give the oregano a kick start of the releasing of its oils.
  4. Now remove the jar from the water bath and place in a sunny window for 1-2 weeks.
  5. Shake the jar every few days.
  6. Once the two weeks is up strain the oil from the leaves.
  7. Place into a sanitized jar.
  8. Store the oil in a dark, cool place.


A little tip on how to preserve the oil is to add in a few drops of grapefruit seed essential oil.

Now some people might be sensitive to oregano.  Please do a test patch of the oil on your skin before using.

Keep in mind this is not an essential oil but an infusion.  Essential oils are highly concentrated and should never be applied to the skin with out a carrier oil.

Making your own oil of oregano is really easy and incredibly cheap!

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  1. Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead says

    I didn’t realize this oil would be so easy to make on your own, especially since the process for most essential oils is rather involved. I started my journey toward more natural living when my daughter was born as well…and our Newfie is my first child. 😉

    Glad you stopped by to link up and hope to read you more soon!

  2. Katie says

    Could you actually use this for oil pulling? I have had a toothache, and considering making this for my tooth! I know it would be a few weeks before I could actually use it, but it would SO be with it in the end!! :)

    • Lisa says

      Excellent for oil pulling for toothaches. Even place a bit of the oregano in the cavity for pain relief. I take 1 teaspoon oil of oregano daily for heath care.

  3. Janny says

    Katie that is brilliant! I never thought of using this oil in that way. I don’t see why not as long as your not sensitive to herb. Do a patch test on your wrist and if everything is good then go for it! I am going to have to harvest some more and infuse coconut oil. I am going to try it out myself. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures says

    Thank you for that info on oregano. We have some in our green house. I absolutely need to make this infusion and add it to my salve recipe.

    Thanks!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. Anna Dawson says

    Hi! Great article, I look forward to trying it. One question–is the measurement of oregano before or after chopping/crushing it?

  6. Alfred says

    What do you think about the various species? Some species and sub species don’t have the same phenols or even any phenols, the carbolic acids that might be doing most of the medicinal work.

    In Europe the species present various culinary aspects and growers watch for cross contamination. Here in the US we seem to get three species, Italian, Greek, and Mexican which isn’t even a real Oregano.

    Often the plants are simply Origanum vulgare with no sub species noted or at the best Origanum hybrid to clue you into ” it might be special”. Any thoughts?

  7. rod says

    i tried to make oregano oil about a wk. ago and when i checked it last night, mold has grown on the stem that’s above the oil level. Does it mean i have spoiled the infusion and i should throw and start over again?

  8. says

    Hi janny,
    glad to bump into your site and reading all the comments on making the oil, my question is, can i use the dried one? reason being that where i live i do not have access to the fresh one nor to grow some.
    please reply.

  9. lmcool says

    pls i llive in africa and i wish i could identify the plant for someone that is diabetic.where can i get the processed one?
    my country is nigeria. thanks.

    • Aubrey says

      I’m not sure what companies ship to you, but something like this for dried oregano: or this for oil of oregano:

  10. says

    Thanks for your tips on homemade Oregano oil. I count myself very fortunate to live in Tolkien’s back yard. The village credited with his inspiration for The Shire.Inspired by my favourite author I decided for a year or two to trust the genius loci of the place to decide what goes where in my small garden. And I’ve been stunned by the way it has decided that we need HUGE amounts of Oregano sprouting up literally everywhere. With Lemon Balm coming in a close second neck and neck with the most prolific raspberry canes I’ve ever seen. This naturally intelligent garden has also deemed fit to plant an Elder sapling at the very foot of the garden and Evening Primrose right under the kitchen window, with no soil, watering, feeding or help of any kind, just shooting up from under the flagstones. It seems we have all grown up believing we have to be the boss in our gardens. Well I’m humbled to find that this one is quite capable of looking after itself with no help from me at all. With all these medicinal herbs the garden provides I’m able to make wonderful natural balms for my children.

    • Aubrey says

      This may be the best comment this blog has ever gotten. You should totally send some pictures on our Facebook page (!

  11. Paula says

    HI Great info can u tell me is the oregano herb dried completely as in crunchy dry or do you mean just dried from the washing when you wash it so its still actually fresh herb.Thanks Paula

  12. Gwen says

    How does one use it to cure carpal tunnel? Do I use it topically or do i ingest it? Can I use Virgin Coconut oil or Olive oil? which one is better?

  13. says

    Wow that was super easy to make! took nearly the whole bush down in the garden, dried it out on a towel for a couple of days to get rid of the moisture and started to make :) Now to do the patience thing! not sure if I can wait 2 weeks and not open the jar! Can’t wait to use it :)
    Thanks for the recipe.

  14. Kim says

    An important detail that was omitted from this post is that it must be Mediterranean Oregano. The oregano herb sold in the US is not actually oregano, and doesn’t have the same properties.

  15. Rose says

    Hello Kate

    Can this oil be ingested once I have made it?how much oil
    do i pour into the jar?or should it just cover the leaves??
    did you use Wild Oregano?Or just Oregano?
    Would love to hear from you

  16. says

    Thank you for sharing your recipe. I use oregano oil to get rid of warts.

    It takes a while but it works. My baby had a wart on his finger and I just put it on and wrapped in in a band aid, when I remembered. I think it took 4 weeks or so. Honestly we just noticed one day it was gone. I also had a planters wart (?) on my heal. Nasty thing. Tried everything until I remembered what worked for my son. I put it on every night I could remember and shaved off the dead skin and same thing, one day I realized it was gone. It took a year and I thought it was not working but kept trying anyway. Next time I will start earlier.

    HTH someone.

  17. says

    Hi all my daughter uses 100% pure oregano oil cut 50% with olive oil for my grandkids. She just rubs it on their feet and it absorbs naturally , cause they hate the taste of it:)

  18. George Ayyash says

    Hi, I love your recipe. I just want to say that I am happy to know about it. WOW !!!, I love Oregano. I live in the desert country, Kuwait, in the Middle East. In our backyard, we have more than 50 healthy Middle Eastern Oregano plants. We use this magic plant in so many ways and we love them all.

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