Lunchbox Mania

Since this week we’ve been out of town I have just been gathering ideas to post, with the intention of catching up on lost time when we got back home. To feel like I’m still “working” even while I’m not, I’ve been doing a lot of website hopping and boy do I have some fun ideas to share with you. I’m going to just put this disclaimer at the top that these are not my pictures or works of art, so if you like these check out the ladies’ blogs and send them some love for their hard work.

Let me kind of walk you through my thought process here. First, I discovered this website. It’s called BentOnBetterLunches and.. it’s freakin adorable. Nuff said. She makes these lunches so precious that you will feel like the lamest mother on Earth for not being as awesome as she is. This picture below is just one example, but she has a whole website FULL of them.

The plot thickens. I do a little google search to find some clever lunchbox notes and BAM! My brain is so excited, I have to share these ideas here.

Cindy, of Alphamom, shares these cute fruit templates!!

On her website, Kind over Matter, Amanda has guest blogger Melissa share these kind cards. So cute!! Visit the blog to get the PDF to print.

This next idea has Callie written all over it. A lunch time survey! Once again, click on the link in order to get the full downloadable version. This is just a little sneak peak into June’s blog.

That’s not all. There are SO many amazing bloggers out there who are offering freebies. Look at these little downloadable guys from WeeLife

These will be great for kids, but you could use them for anyone else who you might be making lunch for.  It’ll definitely impress hubby’s friends when he sees a little pink note in his lunch box — at the very least, it might also be the catalyst you need to convince him to start making his own damn lunch.

One last addition: I found this online and thought it was a great idea! Join us on Project Lunch Box, and show your support:

Project LunchBox –

Together let’s Take a Pledge to get it right¦..

  • I understand that I can help decide what my family eats.
  • Made a decision to provide meals with Real Whole Food ingredients as often as possible
  • My goal is to provide nourishing meals for my family, even when they are away from home. (work, school, camp, etc.)
  • I will include healthy snacks to keep nourished & strong throughout the day
  • I will use re-usable containers and lunch boxes to reduce waste and care for the environment.
  • I will spread the word with our school, friends and loved ones about Project Lunch Box.
  • I will encourage positive, mindful food behaviors including portion control & taking the time to sit and enjoy a meal.
  • One box. One Meal at a Time. Each day provides a new window of opportunity to get it right.
  • Even if I do not pack lunches for kids I support the mission to feed healthy food to those I care for.
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