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As many of you who have followed H&H from the beginning know, supporting our local businesses and neighbors is kind of a big deal to me, and when I get an opportunity to use my website to spread these messages it warms my heart. This passion has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of other likeminded people, local business owners who I may not have had a chance to chat with otherwise.JOLLYTIME Kernels of Kindness

Today I have the honor of presenting y’all with a fun campaign that highlights your local heroes that are doing good in the community, and publicly announcing my nominee:

JOLLY TIME Popcorn is promoting their inspirational, upcoming grassroots campaign called Kernels of Kindness: The campaign will award 100 $1,000 grants to people and organizations around the country who bring joy and happiness to others by doing good in the community. Nominations can be made at starting on May 15th. Judges determine the 100 winners.

Being a small business owner in our little town isn’t always easy. Despite being a small community out in the boonies, our mom n’ pop stores are always being shoved out of the way by the big tycoons. So when there is a family who is actively trying to spread the messages of the things that I believe in — eating fresh, healthy, non GMO foods, supporting the small farmer– then that stands out to me.


The company that I want to discuss is a small coffee roasting company: Lucas Roasting Coffee, and I love them for reasons beyond that they share the same name as my son, I promise 😉 In the words of Troy, who owns the business with his wife, “We are little, but we are passionate as hell.”

Their about page, a reflection of their passion: You see, coffee isn’t just a crop, it’s a community of passionate people…from the coffee farmers to the roasters to the baristas to the home consumers…and we’re working hard to make sure we’re supporting great, responsible coffee-growing communities world-wide so you can know that you have, too, no matter where you purchase our coffee!

And what makes them so special to me? Caring, truly caring, about bettering the community through old fashioned practices and caring more about how their business affects others than how it affects their bank account. This mentality is one that we see less and less of these days, and truly people like this should be rewarded so that they can see their efforts aren’t in vein.

To read a bit more about Troy’s passion, read this article in CoffeeTalk Magazine (You can find his article on page 36).

Do you have a friend, neighbor or business owner that you’d like to nominate? Head over to the Kernels for Kindness website and make your nomination today!

And, as a little bonus, JOLLYTIME is offering additional incentive for entering their Kernels for Kindness campaign. Enter the giveaway below to win some prizes.
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  1. says

    I think that is cool as ever . . . he really cares about the smaller farmers whose prices are locked in, and he wants people to know about them too. I mean, that’s in addition to making sure his business has a positive impact on your small community. I hope he has a shot at one of these grants. What an awesome guy with a great story behind his company – not to mention, passion for what he does!
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  2. Tamra Phelps says

    I would nominate my cousin’s daughter. She is a social worker who is currently trying to find a place for one of her “kids” in Summer camp, even though the public funds have run out!

  3. Luna S says

    I would nominate a good friend of mine who is always donating not only money and items but her time to help out those in need.

  4. shelly peterson says

    I would nominate my best friend. He has been there for me through medical issues/surgeries when my own family wasn’t

  5. Nicole Sender says

    I would nominate my sister who is a special education teacher. She does a lot of extra things for her students!

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