How to keep track of your garden + an E-book giveaway

Some people garden to provide their family with better quality food than they could afford to purchase. Some garden because they feel a responsibility to the care of the environment. Some garden as a political statement. And some garden for the sheer enjoyment of it.

So begins the introduction to my newest Ebook, the Gardening Notebook. When Angi of Schneider Peeps approached me asking if I was interested in an advanced copy I jumped at the opportunity.

How did she know how much I enjoyed gardening, and how little I enjoyed planning? Have I blogged before about how I have to look up what USDA zone I’m in and what my frost dates are every. single. time because I always lose my random slips of paper containing this pertinent information? No, I don’t think so.

The Gardening Notebook isn’t just another book with instructions on how to garden. I mean, it does offer advice (like using newspaper to keep weeds at bay and how to prepare your soil) and general information about common fruits and veggies (like common pests and how to harvest). It’s main purpose, however, is to serve as a guide that streamlines your own endeavors, giving you room to jot notes and set reminders. And lots of printables.

Ebook on sale: the Gardening Notebook

Now you know I don’t just accept things for free unless there’s something in it for you too, right? Enter the giveaway by leaving a comment, gain a few extra entries for following me on my favorite social media sites. Oh yeah, and want to go ahead and buy a copy for you or a loved one? You can find the Gardening Notebook* on sale for only $4.98 through the month of February (after that it goes back up to its original $9.95).
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  • How to begin gardening
  • Enriching the garden (soil, compost, etc.)
  • Worksheets with tips for growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and ornamentals.  With plenty of room for you to write your own notes from your own research
  • Garden Calendar
  • How to find your frost dates
  • Planting by frost dates calendar
  • Garden layout pages
  • Blank plant worksheets to fill out for the vegetables, fruits, herbs and ornaments not already included
  • Local resource contact page
  • Blank plant profile page to help keep track of specific plants and varieties
  • Garden expense worksheet
  • Seed and plant purchase record
  • Seed sowing record
  • Pests, problems and solutions worksheet
  • Book list record
  • Monthly journal
  • Resource list
  • Lots of space for you to make notes of what is important to you


*That link is an affiliate link, meaning if you want to purchase this book and you use this link then I’ll get credit and a commission. So you should really use it.

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  1. Branwen says

    Ahhhh a good way to track your garden is important. Every year I try by scribbling down in some obscure place when I planted seeds……….and it falls by the wayside because I loose the paper!! Two thumbs up

    • Aubrey says

      I am trying to establish some kind of system. My biggest garden fail last year was not labeling my actual seeds well enough and guessing which seedlings were which. Rookie mistake!

  2. Vicki B. says

    I am the same way. I have to look every year when to start planting. I have to reread about most of what I grow to make sure they are started the best they can. This ebook looks great!

  3. Kristin M says

    I start planning my garden in January or February & keep all my notes in a notebook so I don’t forget anything!

  4. Rochelle @ says

    I’d love to win! I just moved to a new USDA zone and have absolutely no idea how to garden here. I need all the help I can get to prepare for this spring. Thanks!

  5. Julie says

    I am relatively new to gardening, and am just at the start of figuring things out. Some things, like tomatoes, have worked out great for me. Others (like peas) have been mostly failures. Thanks for the giveaway. :)

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