Little Sourdough Dumplings with Venison + Nourishing Bone Broth

Little Sourdough Dumplings with Venison + Nourishing Bone Broth

The trick to making a good beef bone broth is to roast the bones before simmering them in a pot of water, herbs, and vegetables. Roasting helps to release a significant amount of fat from the bones, which can otherwise leave a greasy film in the broth or infuse it with an odd, flat, and almost acrid flavor. With much of the fat released and a rounder, more complex flavor developed during roasting, the resulting broth has the flavorful complexity of roast beef.

A sneak peek into the Nourished Kitchen

the Nourished Kitchen virtual dinner party

A good book does more than share a recipe. It excites you with all of the possibilities of all the new ideas or challenges you to try something new. The Nourished Kitchen is one of those books that you want to sit in a big comfy chair and flip through, dreaming about homemade cheese and sourdough bread and dinner straight from the garden (or the fields or the wild).

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Carrot Cake Squares

Carrot Cake squares-- delicious and full of nutrients!

Oh yum. I just discovered my new favorite Easter recipe. The perfect after dinner treat or a lovely sweet brunch addition.

I’m pretty impressed with it, if I do say so myself.

It’s got the spices and flavor of carrot cake with the convenience of a breakfast bar. It’s packed with carrots, applesauce and good-for-you spices like ginger and cinnamon.

Banana “ice cream” with coconut and white chocolate

Banana "ice cream" with coconut, white chocolate and pecans.

You know those banana “ice cream” recipes that are popping up everywhere? They’re great because there’s no added ingredients: no extra sugar, no dairy, just plain ol’ banana that’s frozen and transformed into ice cream. Only the thing is, that doesn’t actually taste just like ice cream. It tastes like bananas. Maybe I’m just picky… 

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Soul Food Sunday Dinner Ideas

Sunday Dinner Ideas, inspired by comforting southern soul food

I curated these recipes while working with All opinions are my own. Sunday Dinner: What does it look like to you? I see family sitting around a table, conversations barely heard over the sound of the children playing nearby. With the recent influx of new children in our family I especially look forward to that one… 

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Strawberry lemonade sorbet

Frozen strawberry lemonade. Strawberries + lemon + honey. So simple!

Me and the kids have been playing with this new “frozen fruit dessert maker”. It’s been a blast because it’s simple, the kids can do it and it churns out healthy treats.

The premise is simple: freeze fruit and put it through the blender, it comes out frozen yogurt/soft serve style.

My girls liked coming up with different combinations of ingredients to add to it, and this one was super simple so I thought I’d share it here with you all as well. It’d be perfect on a hot, summers day because it’s light and refreshing, uses minimal ingredients, and the only step is that you have to puree everything!