Black bottom cupcakes

These black-bottom cupcakes mean you can enjoy both cake and cheesecake at once, without being seen as a gluttonous pig. Put simply, they’re basically cheesecake baked in a cupcake. Totally awesome, right?

Cake and cheesecake. Do you ever wish that you can combine the two together and enjoy them both at once? Sweet, spongy cake and rich, creamy cheesecake. Do you ever have dreams of eating both at once, yet without being seen as a big fat pig? I did, until I came across this recipe. You’ve… 

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Tofu Parmesan #lovingtofu

Even the kids loved this one! #lovingtofu

When trying something new, I always think a good route to take is to fry it and cover it with cheese. Have you tried Tofu before? Would it surprise you to hear that I’ve just cooked with it for the first time? With soy being such a large GMO crop I was always a little… 

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Shrimp enchiladas made easy #PanWithAPlan

Shrimp enchiladas made easy in minutes!

This meal was as simple as simmering shrimp and spinach in a sauté pan with the Latin Veracruz Imagine® Culinary Simmer Sauce. After 10 minutes wrap it in an enchilada, pour a little sauce on top, sprinkle cheese on, and bake at 400 degrees until the cheese is melted. That’s it!

The Imagine sauce are designed to help home cooks around America – regardless of their cooking skills – prepare a delicious culinary creation of their own. Quick and convenient way to make a gourmet meal in 3 easy steps and in just 10 minutes

Spinach parmesan dip #ILikeVeggies

It's spinach and your kids are gonna love it!

We have a rule in our house that our kids have to try at least one bite of anything that we make. It’s our way of ensuring that they are introduced to a variety of foods. Considering that  9 out of 10 people in the United States do not get the proper amount of vegetables [according to The… 

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Lamb chops with seasoned israeli couscous from @plated!

a food service that delivers fresh, pre-portioned ingredients straight to your door that you get to cook with an easy-to-follow recipe.

There’s something about these subscription services that just makes me all giddy inside. I love getting packages in the mail, and I especially love when they contain food. Save me a trip to the grocery store? Show me some unique food combinations I may not have otherwise tried? Help me get out of my “what… 

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7 Day Cherry Juice Challenge

It’s time for you to become a cherry person. Luckily, this is easy. Tart cherries themselves are known as a superfruit, meaning they contain a host of nutrients. By adding one 8 ounce serving of Cheribundi to your diet for 7 days, we believe you will feel the benefits of tart cherries!

A common topic on this site is me talking about getting back into my healthy groove after life with three kids. I’m still working on trying to find the right balance of exercise and diet to get me looking and feeling like my old self again. It’s been tough. But you know that, right? How many… 

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Banana Caramel Tart

This tart has a sweet, sticky caramel topping. The bananas, once cooked, are soft and are infused with the caramel-y flavor. If you eat this tart warm, the caramel is oozy and runny. If you eat this tart cool or cold, you get chewy, sticky caramel.

Banana. Caramel. Tart. Those three words are like music to my ears. Can I get an amen? Let me explain: have you ever eaten caramelized banana? If you haven’t, you’ve been missing out. Period. If you have eaten caramelized bananas, then a big hearty hi-five to y’all! Clearly you’ve been eating bananas the right way…. 

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