Healthy Whole Wheat Nutella Cookies

Whole wheat pumpkin cookies covered in Nutella frosting. I'll take two!

Ever since discovering these cookies last month my daughter has been obsessed. We’ve made the recipe time and again, each time making little tweaks and changing things around until we got it just right. Eventually cookie eating takes it’s toll on you, though, and I decided that we should try just a teensy bit harder to… 

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DIY Essential oil diffuser necklace

DIY terra-cotta clay pendant diffuser necklace.. perfect DIY for gift giving (or any time!)

Are you becoming an essential oil enthusiast? If so, you will want to have your oils close at hand. A quick sniff of a calming, invigorating or motivating oil can sometimes be the ticket to getting through a difficult day. Aromatherapy jewelry, like this DIY Essential oil diffuser necklace, is perhaps the most efficient and easiest way to… 

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Free lunchbox printables to make #lunchingawesome!

A ton of great, FREE printables for your lunchbox!

Over the past several weeks we’ve been discussing foods to pack in your lunchbox, but today we’re gonna make those lunch boxes even more awesome! We’re an artsy family, so anything that has to do with painting, drawing or decorating in general is embraced by my kids. Lunchboxes that automatically include fun things to do… 

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The importance of play for STEM learning #LookatGoldie

Learn to use games to teach our girls critical STEM skills #LookatGoldie

GoldieBlox is a company that’s been on my radar for some time now. I am proud to work together with them for this post and, as always, all opinions are my own! This is part one in a series about the importance of STEM Learning. After you enter the giveaway hop over to Part 2 and read all about how playing outdoors… 

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