How to decorate using chalkboard paint & a $200 giveaway for Nontoxic Lullaby Paints!

how to decorate using chalkboard paint & a $200 giveaway for Nontoxic Lullaby Paints!

Have you ever read the book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”? I’m pretty sure when that book was written it was actually about moms. Sometimes I get this wild hair to do a little something to a room and then it turns into this whole big ordeal.  I love when I get those bursts… 

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How to be a savvy thrifter

Wondering what items are perfectly acceptable to purchase second-hand? If you're new to second-hand shopping, it might be intimidating to wade through your local thrift store or garage sale. To help to be a savvy thrifter, here are our suggestions:

As urban homesteaders, or frugal folks of any nature, we all know that buying used is not only cost effective, but good for local economies and our environment. Buying used often means buying local. Buying used means reducing that item’s carbon footprint drastically. Think about it: A single item is manufactured, then packaged using fossil… 

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Easy ways to brighten a room


It’s me again, with another tip of home decor! In addition to crafting and cooking, I’m a huge fan of just … making things look pretty. In fact, I’m super jealous of people who don’t have kids because they can just decorate however they want and not have to worry about little sticky fingers all… 

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Share a tree campaign

Green is Universal and the Arbor Day Foundation have teamed up once again for their annual Share a Tree campaign. This year, for every digital tree shared before the end of December, the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree and for every 25,000 shared, Green is Universal will donate $5,000. They’ve created a virtual forest and people can visit the site, decorate a tree and easily share it on social media.

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Have you wrapped up all of your Christmas good deeds? Because I’ve got just one more opportunity to sneak in there. I’ve been meaning to tell y’all about this campaign all month, and I’m kind of bummed that it took me so long, because this is such a… 

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Healthy Whole Wheat Nutella Cookies

Whole wheat pumpkin cookies covered in Nutella frosting. I'll take two!

Ever since discovering these cookies last month my daughter has been obsessed. We’ve made the recipe time and again, each time making little tweaks and changing things around until we got it just right. Eventually cookie eating takes it’s toll on you, though, and I decided that we should try just a teensy bit harder to… 

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DIY Essential oil diffuser necklace

DIY terra-cotta clay pendant diffuser necklace.. perfect DIY for gift giving (or any time!)

Are you becoming an essential oil enthusiast? If so, you will want to have your oils close at hand. A quick sniff of a calming, invigorating or motivating oil can sometimes be the ticket to getting through a difficult day. Aromatherapy jewelry, like this DIY Essential oil diffuser necklace, is perhaps the most efficient and easiest way to… 

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