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Mostly Homemade Mondays – Week 102

Good morning y’all! Getting to the gym this early AM was especially tough when I stepped outside to freezing temperatures! When did this happen? I’m gladly welcoming this shift, I’m ready for a little fall fun. So don’t think I’m getting too far ahead of myself when on November 1st you see us jump right… 

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Organic clothes + BPA free dining set, all for your sweet little one

Baby gear giveaway with Wild Dill & Baby Blastoff

I lied to you all. But let me explain. I had planned this whole big ordeal about feeding baby his first foods. I was going to track everything we were doing with Luke, walking ya’ll step by step through the process of giving baby healthy and nutrient dense foods. I started him around 6 months… 

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It’s time for you to become a cherry person. Luckily, this is easy. Tart cherries themselves are known as a superfruit, meaning they contain a host of nutrients. By adding one 8 ounce serving of Cheribundi to your diet for 7 days, we believe you will feel the benefits of tart cherries!

7 Day Cherry Juice Challenge

A common topic on this site is me talking about getting back into my healthy groove after life with three kids. I’m still working on trying to find the right balance of exercise and diet to get me looking and feeling like my old self again. It’s been tough. But you know that, right? How many… 

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This tart has a sweet, sticky caramel topping. The bananas, once cooked, are soft and are infused with the caramel-y flavor. If you eat this tart warm, the caramel is oozy and runny. If you eat this tart cool or cold, you get chewy, sticky caramel.

Banana Caramel Tart

Banana. Caramel. Tart. Those three words are like music to my ears. Can I get an amen? Let me explain: have you ever eaten caramelized banana? If you haven’t, you’ve been missing out. Period. If you have eaten caramelized bananas, then a big hearty hi-five to y’all! Clearly you’ve been eating bananas the right way…. 

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