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Even the kids loved this one! #lovingtofu

Tofu Parmesan #lovingtofu

When trying something new, I always think a good route to take is to fry it and cover it with cheese. Have you tried Tofu before? Would it surprise you to hear that I’ve just cooked with it for the first time? With soy being such a large GMO crop I was always a little… 

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Healthy chocolate coconut granola bars | @cookiedesire

Chocolate Coconut Granola Bars

TGIF! Amanda again from A Cookie Named Desire. Here is something about me that I wanted to share with you: I am a snack fiend. Really, I am. I probably eat way too many snacks in a day, so I do my best to make them as healthy as possible by making them myself. My… 

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Our favorite apple comfort foods

Every month I work with Foodie, putting together a roundup of foods from the options on their website. This month we’re talking apples, which seems appropriate since we spent the weekend at a local apple orchard. Seriously y’all, this is my backyard. The orchard is located just a few minutes from where I live. The… 

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It's spinach and your kids are gonna love it!

Spinach parmesan dip #ILikeVeggies

We have a rule in our house that our kids have to try at least one bite of anything that we make. It’s our way of ensuring that they are introduced to a variety of foods. Considering that  9 out of 10 people in the United States do not get the proper amount of vegetables [according to The… 

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