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Date & nut cake

Are you a cake lover? More specifically, are you a moist cake lover? Do you love chunky bits or crunchy or chewy ingredients homogeneously incorporated throughout your cake (think chocolate bits, nuts and dried fruit? Do you sigh in sorrow every time you see a cake recipe that you cannot consume, due to food allergies… 

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Mostly Homemade Mondays – Week 147

Happy Monday everyone! This past week has been really eventful for us. The kids started school (if you couldn’t tell.. I’m pretty sure every blogpost of mine for the past week has been discussing it), my youngest daughter started cheerleading and celebrated her 5th birthday! It was cowgirl themed and we had SO MUCH FUN… 

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Back to school shopping

I’ve noticed something really interesting happening to me over the past week. I know some of you may be getting sick of hearing me talk about getting ready for back to school. My oldest daughter is starting 8th grade, so we’ve been doing this for years. However, we were planning on homeschooling Coco and changed our minds at the last minute, so I feel like this is a bigger deal than usual.

The time alone with baby Luke (who is now 18 months old, for those of you keeping track) has been eye opening for me. I didn’t quite realize how little one-on-one time we had together until now, and I think the focused attention has been really good for both of us.


Pesto Brick Turkey

So far, though, I have figured out one trick that’s really helped me save my sanity and avoid last minute trips for take-out: batch cooking on the weekends.

I love when I can manipulate one ingredient into different meals. It means less time in the kitchen, less dishes and less cleanup, too!


Freezer sandwiches to simplify your lunch routine

When Nature’s Own asked families to share how they come up with their own #lunchboxcreations I knew that I wanted to share our new strategy. I’m pretty excited about my solution to simplifying lunch! So far it’s been working beautifully.

This recipe nails everything, you guys. It has the consistency, crumbliness and ‘buttery-ness’ normal shortbread has, yet it’s healthier.

Tahini shortbread cookies

Shortbread is something I have still yet to attempt. I’ve seen multiple recipes of how to make the buttery, melt-in-your mouth goodness – yet I haven’t brought myself to try any of the recipes yet. I’ve even watched numerous tutorials on how to make pretty shapes out of shortbread dough using molds, forks or just… 

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Pound cake & peach sundae

Today we’re talking about these simple sundaes. With just a few high quality ingredients like these you don’t need a lot of fanfare: just simple, delicious foods that you can feel good about eating.