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DIY music makers and KCA design contest

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DohVinci for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Anyone who knows me and my introverted nature may find it funny how my kids are total and absolute hams. They love acting, performing, making music– anything that involves an audience and they will be there, with bells… 

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Wondering how to use oil to clean your skin? We go over the why's and the how's with a quick DIY to get you started.

How to use oil to clean your skin

Have you ever wondered how to use oil to clean your skin? Even if your skin errs on the side of oily or acne prone? I know, it may seem a little backwards, but bear with me: The problem with cleaning your skin with traditional soap is that the sulfates strip everything off the skin,… 

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The Benefits of Snacking

I am a chronic snacker. I have kids with the same predilection and I work hard at keeping them fed with protein-packed snacks. Don’t get me wrong, meals are also important around our house and I don’t let the kids graze all day long, but instead I have two set snack times, one in the… 

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Cheesecake filled chocolate easter eggs! The only thing you'll be missing out on in this recipe is all the preservatives and additives found in the store bought stuff. Nothing beats fresh and homemade.

Homemade cadbury creme eggs

I love Easter. I love Easter simply because of all the chocolates and food widely available at this special time of year. Cadbury Creme Eggs are no exception. Don’t these homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs look just like the real thing? Yes, I think so. Seriously.. how real do they look?! They look real enough to fool… 

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Mediterranean inspired garlic encrusted lamb, cooked over an open fire. #LocalLambGlobalFlavor #CleverGirls

Mediterranean inspired garlic encrusted lamb

We eat a lot of things in our house, but lamb is a relatively new dish for me. I first had it a few weeks ago served with pearl couscous and we really enjoyed it. My husband, in true wilderness man fashion, couldn’t wait to give it another go. To him there is nothing more thrilling… 

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The other day I was offered an opportunity to sample the products from Chuice and share about their "un-tox" movement-- you know, the idea that you should just start eating real foods: no juice cleanses, no detoxes, just good ol' fashion healthy eating. Chuice contains over 35 fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds and unlike regular juices it has 9 grams of fiber in each 12oz bottle.

How to get real, natural energy

One of my biggest pet peeves ever are those late night commercials proclaiming the next big revolution in weight loss. Whether it’s some trendy new workout or the latest scientific breakthrough via a pill, this stuff is all. over. the. place. It drives me crazy because I know better, but I still get sucked into all of… 

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Mostly Homemade Mondays – Week 124

Happy Monday everyone! This has been a crazy week of simultaneously gardening and avoiding the snow. Mother nature seems to be really fickle this month! That hasn’t stopped me from transplanting some herbs and purchasing starters. My goal for the week is to find a home for several varieties of onions, garlic and asparagus. Which brings me… 

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