6 Exterior Decoration Ideas to Beautify the Backyard

6 Exterior Decoration Ideas to Beautify the Backyard

There is something very calming a relaxing about sitting outside and taking time out to reflect on a busy day. The problem comes when your outdoor living space is not exactly easy on the eye and is need of a makeover.

Even if you are on a fairly tight budget, here are some ideas that can help to spruce up your garden and patio area.

Plan your makeover

Take the time to cast a critical eye over your garden and write down a list of things that need doing or ideas that you would like to implement, irrespective of the cost at this stage. Sometimes when you spend a lot of time in familiar surroundings you tend not to notice what someone seeing your garden for the first time would immediately note as being unappealing or in need of attention.

Work out a budget

Once you have created a list of things to do and projects worth considering that will really spruce up your outdoor living space, you can set to work on your budget and start to think of creative ways of getting what you want for the minimum amount of spend.

Add some chic on the cheap

Shabby Chic doesn’t have to be confined to boutique hotels, you can be creative with many items that you can get for very little money or even use existing items like old plant pots that are lying around, to add a splash of colour and interest to your patio area and around the garden.

Recycle old items

Old buckets, part-broken chairs that are lying around in the garage, all of these items and many more can be transformed with a coat of paint and a cheap pot plant, to create a chic colourful display without breaking the bank.


It is amazing how a patio area or gazebo can be quickly transformed into an attractive area simply by adding some twinkling lights, a few old rugs that are no longer needed indoors and a coat of stain on the decking to make it look like new again.

Become a savvy shopper

If you need to add some larger items as part of your makeover such as some outdoor furniture or maybe a fire pit for cosy evenings outdoors, then always aim to buy at the end of the season when there are offers on, rather than during the height of summer where demand is strong and prices are inflated by the shops as a result.

Add a touch of luxury

A real finishing touch would be to look for hot tubs for sale and see if you get yourself a good deal on an item that will add a touch of luxury to your environment but also be a very pleasant and welcoming way to soak away your aches and strains in your recently spruced up outdoor living area.

You can use the hot tub as a real focal point in your garden and then work on personalising your patio or decking area with some of your favourite flowers or plants, which you can enjoy looking at while you unwind and relax in your hot tub.

Tom Willis became a freelance interior/exterior decorator after his retirement from the fashion business. He spends time with his two girls and wife, Emma, cooking and laughing on the weekends.

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