5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden Shed

Whether your shed is brand new or is a trusty old friend we wouldn’t blame you if you were bored of its plain exterior and probably even plainer interior. You decorate and maintain your house so why not do the same with your shed? There are plenty of decorative ideas and do it yourself tricks that can take your shed to another level and make it a fun, fully incorporated part of your home.

1.Keep Consistent

If your shed looks like it’s stuck out on a limb then why not get the paint out? Choose a shade that matches or coordinates with your house. Very soon your shed will seem like it fits in perfectly and appear much more like a piece of your home than a wonky addition. It may not be possible to render the roof the same but if it is then it makes sense to give it a go to complete the blended, consistent look.

2.Go Natural

Decorate the exterior and interior of your shed naturally with the plants from your local area and even your garden. Here’s a quick tutorial for making your own shed door wreath:

  • Make a circular base using two wire coat hangers covered with floral tape
  • Cut several branches of greenery from a fir or pine tree for example of approximately 25cm in length.
  • Utilising floral wire secure the branches to your original wire frame until the base is completely covered.
  • Secure further decorations with more wire or glue – you could choose any additions from pressed flowers to ribbons – whatever suits the style of your garden and shed.

3.Simple Bunting

Simple bunting is really on trend at the moment and is very easy to make. It can brighten up the interior of your shed and you can use any material you like. You can turn leftover scraps of fabric into something truly great following these simple steps:

  • Draw a triangle to the dimensions you want your bunting on a piece of cardboard
  • Use this as your template to cut your bunting flags
  • Once you’ve got your flags place each pair back to back, pin them and then sew them together, leaving the top seam unsewn
  • Iron the triangles flat and then sew the top seam onto your chosen length of binding, leaving equally measured spaces between each triangle

Remember you don’t need to stick to the same fabric and sometimes a mixture can look best.

4.Jam Jar Lights

Jam jar lights can be hung from your sheds windowsill or simply placed on the side. To add this extra ambience to your shed you need jam jars, strong wire, pliers and of course candles to light them up. All you need to do it wrap the wire securely under the jam jar rim – as tight as you can to ensure it doesn’t slip off but allowing a small overlap twist to wrap the wire around itself. You then need to use the pliers to twist the wire into place to then loop it over the jar and slip it under the wire on the other side – creating your hanging loop. You can paint the jars with glass paint and create a great homemade alternative to fairy lights.

5.Wooden Shed Sign

These are becoming more common inside the house and out and can be crafted from any bit of old timber you’ve got lying about. A plank from an apple cart is ideal and you can simply paint on the message you think suits you best. Common signs include ‘Dad’s shed’, ‘No entry’ and ‘Abandon hope all ye who enter here’ but what you choose is of course up to you!

This post has been provided by Shedstore.  For more inspiration please visit their website.

‘Timber Sheds, Home Studios, Workshop Sheds’ image by Matt’s Homes.

Candle Tree image by Andy Rogers (Cobaltfish).


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  1. says

    Thanks for this informative post regarding maintenance of the garden sheds. I really believe that decorating the shed with natural decorative will give a dignified look to the shed.

  2. says

    Thanks for the share! Some really creative ideas you got going on right here. I just recently got a new shedsafe shed and my wife has been dying to spruce it up a little bit. I originally thought it was a dumb idea but after seeing this you have me sold! Ill be sure to have her check all this out.

  3. says

    You have shared some excellent ideas for sprucing up a shed. We have a old metal shed, and there is not a lot you can do to it. But, your idea of flowers nearby sounds like a good way to give it a new look. We are planning to replace it with a wooden shed, then we can use more of these ideas.

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